Monday, March 2, 2015

Who Deserves A Fantasy Football Trophy?

I just recently gave birth to my first baby and so I have not been able to really engage in strenuous activities. As soon as I found out that I was pregnant, I immediately backed out of the runs that I enlisted myself in joining. I have been advised to rest at home by my doctors due to my delicate pregnancy and so I did. I should have been given a pregnancy trophy for following all my doctors orders   and maybe a fantasy football trophy for my husband for being the most supportive husband through my whole ordeal at home and at the hospital. 

Speaking about football, I can feel that it will not be one of the bonding sessions between my husband and our dear darling daughter but fantasy football can definitely be one. They can, I surmise, be able to win fantasy football trophies for winning some tournaments or maybe I am just wishful thinking. But of course, anyone can dream yeah? I told my husband about this idea and he smiled like a proud father would. 

If you are ever wondering what I am talking about - fantasy football is not something you play in you dreams. Just like in real football, fantasy football leagues have a draft too. Each team drafts NFL players. These players remain in each league unless they get traded or dropped (just like the real thing). No player may be owned by more than one team. Easy peasy! 

In the meantime, as the little one would not understand the mechanics of the game yet, we are not keen on receiving any fantasy football award just yet. We will be content at the sport of changing nappies and waking up every after two hours to feed our amazingly growing little bundle of joy.