Sunday, February 28, 2010

Les Mills Body Vive

I got a free Les Mills Body Vive VCD in a box of Nestle Fitnesse Whole Wheat Cereal and this will be used for my challenge for the week. My challenge is to spare at least 20 minutes of my time as soon as I get up to follow the cardio moves in the home exercise video. It seems easy and effortless but a great calorie-burning workout indeed.

Wish me luck in this new challenge I am giving to myself. I hope I won't be too lazy.

I am off to run now and before I head out, I had oats and grapes and a little piece of chocolate for breakfast.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

How To Treat Blisters

If the tips I posted about preventing blisters did not work for you at all, here are some steps you can try to properly and safely treat them pesky watery blisters to avoid any infection.

1. If the blister has not torn and is full of liquid, pierce it from the side with a sterile needle at its base. Let all the fluid run out. - Make sure the needle is sterile. You may opt to wash it with isopropyl antibacterial alcohol.

2. If the blister has torn already, carefully cut away the loose skin of the blister and treat the area with antiseptic. - Make sure your scissors is also sterile. You don't want any bacteria to get in your open wound.

3. Allow the blister to dry and harden in the open air for as long as you can. - Let it breathe and let your body's healing power do its magic.

4. When you need to resume hiking, put a bandaid or gauze over a torn blister. - Make sure the bandaid or gauze is in place but not too tight.

5. Put a layer of moleskin over the blister area. You may cut a doughnut shaped piece of moleskin that fits around the blister rather than directly on it. - Yeah donut has a hole in the middle so you can probably picture out how the moleskin will look.

6. Keep it clean and sterilized to prevent infection. - I put hydrogen peroxide as such acts as antiseptic and disinfectant to the wound to clean it at the end of the day.

7. If blister does not heal in two-three days, consult your doctor.

Let me know if these work for you. If you have other ways to treat a blister, please feel free to share.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Pinay In Action 2010

I did not register for the Unilab Run for Wellness and since I plan to train again in preparation for Globe Run For Home 2010 I will be joining this run organized by Senator Pia Cayetano. Pink Power yeah!!!

DATE: March 13, 2010
TIME: 6 a.m.
VENUE: SM Mall Of Asia

09185414269 or

Maxiworks Bonifacio High Street, and Maxiworks Rockwell
RACE DAY REGISTRATION FEE: (5a.m.) - Php 450.00

1) Race Number
2) Race Shirt
3) Map of Race Routes
4) PIA Fact Sheet

Here are some of the frequently asked questions as published in the Pinay In Action website:

1. When will registration start and until when? Registration will start on February 13 until March 7. After that, only on site registration will be accommodated.

2. Where are the registration areas located? Maxiworks Boni High Street and Maxiworks Rockwell.

3. When will we claim our race packets? Race packets can be picked upon registration starting February 24, 2010.

4. Can a male runner join/win? Yes, he may join the 5km and 10km distances individually as long as he registers with a female participant, and may also join the team event with a female member. He will also get the race packet but it is understood that he will not be eligible to win in any category and that he is encouraged to start behind the female runners.

5. Will male registrants get a race no.? Yes they will be given race nos. but they are not qualified to win any category in the race.

6. Can I register on Race Day? Yes, but it is highly discouraged and it will cost an additional Php 100.00. In the case of Race Day Reg please arrive 45minutes before race start.

7. Is there an on-line registration? Yes, you may visit the event website and click on “Register Now”. Kindly fill up all the required details and click “submit”. You will get an confirmation email of registration and instructions will be given after two (2) days from online registration date.

8. Are we required to wear PIA Race Shirt? The only item you are required to wear on Race Day is the Race Number. But wearing the Race Shirt is a great way to show your support to our causes and will be greatly appreciated.

9. Will there be prizes for the top finishers? There will be cash prizes for the top 5 winners of the 5km and 10km category and Adidas shoes for the top 10 winners of both 5km and 10km.

10. How can I donate and contribute in the advocacy against Breast and Cervical Cancer and Violence Against Women and Children? You may donate Php1,000.00 cash by ticking the box in your registration forms and payment of your donation to the foundation. Whatever the total amount of the funds raised from donations, Pinay In Action will match that same amount and donate it also.


FOR 10KM Individual RUN:
1. Start time 6am
2. 2 loops of 5k
3. Awards for Top 10 finishers
4. Male Participants welcome as long as they register with a Female participant.
5. Male Participants not eligible for awards.

FOR 5KM Individual RUN:
1. Start time 6:05am
2. 1 loop of 5k
3. Awards for Top 10 finishers
4. Male Participants welcome as long as they register with a Female participant.
5. Male Participants not eligible for awards.

FOR 1.6KM Team RUN:
1. Start time 6:10am.
2. 1 loop.
3. Rules: One adult and one child (12years and below). At least one team member must be female. Team will run the whole distance together and will start and finish as a team. (Ex: mother-son / father-daughter / aunt-nephew / uncle-niece, etc.)
4. Awards for Top 10 Teams.

Century Tuna Superbods Run 2010 Race Results

Race results have been published already.

Click this link for details.

Race Results from Runpix and race pictures from Photovendo will be released soon.

I may not have a better time than my previous races today (thanks to the hot male models at the water stations) but I undoubtedly enjoyed this race. The first race I attended without any friend in tow.

Project: Summer(H-O-T) Bod

DISCLAIMER: I am not an authority in fitness nor in any form of dieting. This blog came into being to chronicle my journey to achieving my personal fitness goals and to share results if any. I do not claim to be a fitness guru or anything. Always remember that what may work for me, may not work for you so if ever what I have done excites you and you want to do it, do so at your own risk.

It is summer once again and no one can deny that. The sun's rays pierces through one's skin and it has a different sting lately. I haven't planned any summer getaway yet but I have planned some activities that would make me summer getaway ready. And oh, I have stocked up on SPF-laden products already.

The night before the Century Tuna Superbods Run 2010, I renewed my love affair with cereals. I admit I have stopped dieting and gave in to any form and shape of craving after the breakup (well you can call it that even if there was no real breakup conversation that happened) although I still run despite keeping myself busy but not as often as I did a couple of months back. I had Kellogg's Mueslix and banana with low-fat milk for dinner. I was so full after finishing the bowl so I watched TV before heading to bed.

A bowl full of goodness (fruit, grains, wheat, bran)

When I woke up on race day, I immediately consumed about 500ml of water and then drank Gatorade on my way to the race. I also ate a banana before I headed out of the house. I felt that was enough to fuel me to finish my run. I was all along thinking that I need to hydrate this time (big mistake for the Condura Run because I felt so dehydrated). I packed a chocolate bar with almond nuts, a banana and another bottle of Gatorade and took it with me in case I'll feel hungry after the run. It was a good decision on my part. I however did not eat the chocolate bar as the race organizers distributed some snack packs. Awesome! I, however, only ate the banana and tuna salad as I was not feeling so hungry at all.

I went home feeling fine and with no injury. I ate half of the tuna bun and tuna pocket. It was enough to refuel my body after the 5K run and the 3K walk I had to do after. Unlike my last run, I feel so fine today and my legs are A-OK. I guess the Bangkok foot massage I had the night before the race helped tons. Thank heavens!

Since Century Corned Tuna was on sale at the race venue, I bought a few cans and ate one for dinner. I liked how it tasted. I'm a fan. I forgot to take a picture though. I will probably just show y'all a picture on my future posts.

Keep being healthy and wish me luck and success for my summer project!

How to Prevent Blisters?

Have you ever tried running in pain because of blisters? I have never tried thank goodness and I pray I would have blister-free running all my life (I do get blisters in stilettos though). Everyone knows what a blister looks like I suppose and everyone at some point in their lives have tried and felt the uncomfortable feeling this wee little bump brings. Blisters are small swelling of the skin that contains watery fluid. They are caused by friction. The body responds to the friction by producing fluid. The fluid builds up beneath the part of the skin being rubbed, causing pressure and pain.

Blisters occur when feet get hot, sweaty and socks stick to the feet. Fluid fills up a space between layers of skin to protect the area, like a small balloon. That's how a blister forms. Blisters are a common problem with athletes wearing in new shoes. They are also a common problem for athletes, runners and walkers who participate in exceptionally long events such as marathons or long hill walks.

If at all this helps, what keeps me blister-free is this unfashionable practice but it is such a live-saver. I cut a strip of Moleskin (nope the notebook) adhesive strip and then put it in blister-prone areas of my foot and then seal it with a strip of electrical tape. I usually use Dr. Scholl's Moleskin Plus Padding. It is soft and smooth cotton flannel padding and yes, it cuts to size (very convenient). It can be bought in regular as well as specialty drugstores. It has always worked for me and I am sure it will work for you too.

Of course, there are some other ways to prevent blisters:

Wear shoes that fit properly.
Keep feet as dry as possible.
Wearing wet shoes, boots and socks will increase your chance of developing blisters.
Change socks regularly.
Use foot powder to help keep your feet dry.

Do you have a blister story? Have you tried running with blisters on your foot?

Always remember to keep your feet happy and cared for. You will get more mileage with a happy pair of feet.

NOTE: This post does not aim to endorse any product and is not a paid post. I am just sharing what worked for me and that may work for you too.

Friday, February 19, 2010

My New Crush...

EVAN LYSACEK...and he just won GOLD (Men's Figure Skating)at the Vancouver Winter Olympics!

June 04, 1985

170 lbs (77 kg)

6’2” (1.88 m)

Lysacek started the sport in 1994 and made his debut for the United States in 2003. He originally wanted to play ice hockey but chose figure skating after enjoying early success in the sport.

He missed the 2008 world championships due to a shoulder injury and suffered a stress fracture in his hip in 2004.

The 24-year-old takes method acting classes in Beverly Hills in the United States and has appeared in an independent skating film.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Globe Run For Home and Facebook Update

Have you ever felt so excited to go home after a race so that you can update your Facebook Status? Well, at least after taking pictures of course... If yes, then fret not because Globe has partnered with ChampionChip to send updates straight to your Facebook accounts.

Here are some read-worthy info I got from the Globe Run For Home website:


Get your accurate race time with the ChampionChip, the Philippines' first ever running race chip that was first used last July 19, 2009.

ChampionChips are disposable versions of radio-frequency identification (RFID) transponders. Made of waterproof glass capsules, they contain a silicon chip and an energizing coil. The coil is inactive until moved into a magnetic field, generated by a send antenna found on the race mat strategically located at the starting line, selected checkpoints and the finish line along the race route.

The ChampionChip transmits a unique identification number to a receive antenna that enables accurate tracking of every runner's race time.


Be among the first in the world to auto-share race status updates to Facebook contacts!

Simply indicate your Facebook ID and email address on your registration form and come back soon to install the Facebook Run for Home Live Update application. Come race day, the ChampionChip will send newsfeed updates and race results to your profile as you run past milestones during the marathon.

Get ready to hit the ground running on March 21 at GLOBE RUN FOR HOME 2010 - Converge at Makati City's Ayala Triangle Garden to join one of the biggest urban runs of the year.

Register personally at these Globe Stores: (as of this writing the online registration is undergoing server maintenance and will be up hopefully tomorrow at 10AM)

• Trinoma M1 Unit 1034 Trinoma Mall, EDSA, Quezon City

• Greenhills Hub G/F Greenhills Connecticut Carpark 1 Bldg., Ortigas Avenue, San Juan

• Glorietta Globe Store GF Glorietta 3, Ayala Center, Makati City (near Music One)

• SM Megamall Globe Store 4F Cyberzone Area, SM Megamall Bldg. B Ortigas Center, Pasig City

• Alabang Town Center 3/F New Wing ATC Alabang, Muntinlupa City

• SM Mall of Asia Unit 202 2nd floor North Parking Bldg. SM Mall of Asia Pasay City

• Market Market Unit 444 & 445 4/F Market Market, Lot C, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila

Rojo's Shoes

"You have never really lived until you've done something for somebody who can never repay you."

I organized a running club in our office due to the incessant prodding of one of my coworkers late last year. The group started growing and by January we have already decided to join a race scheduled for the month of February. Everyone was excited. Some even bought new shoes, some just planned to use the shoes they used to train on race day. I got several commitments to join until one day I received an email from one of my office mates, Rogelio Jose whom we fondly call Rojo, and he told me that he will not be joining anymore because he has given away his one and only pair of running shoes to someone who needs it more than he do. He gave it to an Ondoy victim who had just been using a mangled pair of flip flops since their house and all their properties were submerged in floodwater.

I was sad that he would not be able to join us but I was overwhelmed because of what he had to do. I knew he really wanted to join us but he made the sacrifice so that someones feet can rest comfortably in the cushion of a blue Diadora shoes. To rest comfortably might be an understatement even as it could have felt like utter heaven to the homeless Ondoy victim when he finally slid his feet inside and tied the shoelaces up.

Here is the picture of the shoes taken from the Diadora website (I was not able to ask a picture of the real shoes):

His story might seem so simple, forgettable, scant even but the simplicity of the story and my friends' noble reason to give up something for someones happiness is truly an inspiring story to tell. I was moved and shed a tear when I got home. It was such an altruistic proof of love, such a selfless act. His story made me realize that happiness can be spread and some little acts of goodwill could be a precursor to such. Life is after all giving and sharing.

Truly, the smallest good deed is worth a thousand grand intentions. Rojo made me so proud to know someone like him. Me and the rest of those who were able to join the race talked about what Rojo did and we all had smiles at the starting line and the finish line especially when we each got our own medals.

We knew Rojo was there running with us in thought and that put big smiles on our faces. On the other hand, the recipient of the shoe maybe jumping up and down, screaming out loud, unable to stop thanking the donor of his shoes.

Cheers to more running miles for that blue and white shoes!

Friday, February 12, 2010

In 9 Days...

In 9 days I will be...

running again! Oh yes, you read it right. I blogged about my training for the Century Tuna Superbods Run 2010 and entered it in a blog contest and I won. LOL! I am just on a winning streak lately. I was actually expecting to win because I got more than a hundred comments for that blog entry alone and I have inspired some to join too. It's a good feeling when you know that you are influencing other people to choose a healthier lifestyle. I will only be running the 5K route as I just recently joined the Condura Run 2010 and I had delayed onset of muscle soreness after the race. I will be writing an article about DOMS in the next few days. My calves were sore and I had a hard time walking. It was pure pain. I just hope I won't be experiencing that same situation after the race on the 21st.

I am going to run everyday starting tomorrow until Thursday to clinch my final preparations. I am just so excited.

Here's a map of the 5K race: