Sunday, January 3, 2010

First Run for 2010

I slept early last night after finishing half a bottle of white wine. LOL! I am not starting to be an alcoholic early this year, I just liked how the wine tasted. So I dozed off about 7PM and woke up again around 2AM because of an instant message that popped on my screen (yes, I sleep with my laptop beside me), I responded but I was a few minutes too late so I went back to sleep. I woke up at around 5AM and I asked Uncle Don to run with me. He agreed and so for today I have a running buddy. This will be my first run for the year. I guess it's about time to lose the holiday pounds.

We walked from our house to the Mall of Asia with a bottle of water and a blueberry granola bar each. It was a long and leisurely walk and was unbelievably dark and cold outside today. Good thing I brought my camera with me, I was able to capture some shots.

We run the whole stretch of MOA San Miguel by the Bay twice and we pretty much had some good sweat rolling down our faces and back. There were lots of people running too and some were with their families or dogs, some were having breakfast by the bay even. I had to weave through the crowd while I run. We then decided to shift course and run the area where vehicles pass so it's a little less crowded. Since it was Sunday, cars were few as well so it was a much better place. We were able to take some pictures too. It's another run turned to a photoshoot. We run about 6K and walked about 2K all in all. Not too bad I think.

I will be running again tomorrow as I prepare for the scheduled races I am joining this year. I am looking at registering for the PSE Bull Run but I don't think I still can make it for the registration. I will try though and go to Philippine Stock Exchange Ayala tomorrow and see if I can still join. If at all I could then race will be on the 17th. I still have enough time to prepare. If not, then I will continue to train for Condura Run 2010. I will be running with a few of the people from work (Uncle Don, Marko, Kristine, Andy, Rojo, China, Tyke, Brian among others). I am so excited now... I need all the endorphins I could get!

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