Thursday, March 11, 2010

Cheap Eat, Full Happy Tummy

I have found a new love in Century Corned Tuna and Skyflakes crackers. They are just an amazing combo to eat and it was a eureka moment for me when I discovered this what seemed to me as the perfect pair if you are too lazy to whip up a decent meal using the best kitchen ware and table ware that you own. Of course, when I say best, those are the kind you keep inside your cupboard (ahhh, typical Filipino household). Kidding aside, you may be wondering how I discovered this "cheap eat" to give a full happy tummy.

I was on my rest day and all the flat wares at home are on the sink waiting to be washed by the diligent soul in me, but I digress. The lazy has overpowered me and wanted to indulge so I would rather go online and scour through websites offering same day delivery for flat wares (which is remotely impossible). Fail! So, hungry as I am, I used the only pot available and the wooden spoon (the big one) to reheat the tuna and be my food. Ah and I feel I should tell you this, I actually do not like using the can opener when opening up canned products. I would much rather prefer to use the purple knife. It's just one of my skills to open a can with utmost precision and control with a knife (thanks to Girl Scout camping and cookouts). And so after reheating the tuna, I flopped myself in the couch, powered the TV on and munched on the crackers to my content. It was so flavorful (I couldn't possibly name the spices that were used, I am no spice connoisseur). Even then, I have a whole army of spice containers at home (sage, rosemary, thyme, oregano among others).

After eating the whole bowl of tuna and two packs of crackers, I suddenly had the conviction to clean my mess; kitchen ware and flatware and pots and pans. Maybe that's what a happy tummy can do to you. It could give you a sudden jolt to act like a grown-up and look after yourself. Maybe then I would try to whip this combo up when I am feeling lazy and see if it will make me do household chores yet again...

In the meantime, I have another wish...a free five year supply of spices! How does that sound to you?

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