Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Better Late Than Never

Arrrggh, I couldn't sleep...

I couldn't even think of a decent title to this post...

Oh well, okay let me blab. Read on if you want if not then please feel free to close the browser and read some other posts that interest you. Remember: You have been warned.

Where do I start? November 8 - no workout, no nothing. I just stayed at home the whole day sleeping my ass off. I woke up in the afternoon and felt like playing little chef yet again. Oh yes, I have that episodes, I like treating myself, I like indulging it, just because I can... Feast your eyes on my hearty salad...Lollo Rosa, Cherry Tomatoes, Grapes, Mango, Tuna, and Roasted Pine Nuts. It was yummy! I'm still salivating over it.

November 9 - went to Fitness First MOA and did the following:
  • squats using the exercise ball
  • lunges (30 secs hold)
  • squats with front kicks
  • lateral raise
  • biceps curl
  • jumping jacks
  • superman
  • standing oblique crunch
I completed three (3) circuits and I felt good. I feel stronger now.

I still had energy to spare so I decided to run in the treadmill (the sun was high up so I ditched the plan of running outdoors). I managed to run and walk 5K for 40 minutes. After the cardio, I rested for a bit, stayed in the sauna for about 20 minutes and then showered. I then decided to fill my pantry again so I went to the grocery. I think I did some impulsive shopping again (I forgot my grocery list). When I got home, I was soooooo hungry that I needed something to eat. I prepared Chicken and Tofu Slices with Bok Choi and Red Bell Pepper.

Quick Tip: If you plan to fry your tofu, even if you have the firm kind, make sure to blanch it for about 2 minutes so they don't fall apart in the frying pan.

November 10 - I woke up feeling a little sore from the workout yesterday so I decided to rest and stay home. I, however, managed to wake up early and squeeze in 30 minutes of run time before I met a friend for coffee. We had a little talk and then I had to go to work already. Ahhhh, reality bites! It's the start of my work week and yes I know I started it well...good even!

Until next update...


Rod.Runn3r said...

my veggies... nakakagutom ha...

audrey said...

it looks so delicious^^