Sunday, November 15, 2009

Timex Run

Timex Run (November 15, 2009) will forever be etched in my memory as the first ever race I have joined.

Just A Little Introduction

I started this blog on the 10th of October finally resolved that I will work my hardest to be fit again, not back to my ballet and gymnastics years, but just be fit like a normal 27-year old is expected to be. Once I got clearance from the doctor that I am fit to do any exercise I ought to do (just don't abuse the body), I packed my gym bag and said to myself there's no turning back. I am in this for the long haul.

The Training

I did not have any formal training at all. I just relied on online materials I have acquired. I read all I could squeeze in the limited time I have. I did a mix of indoor and outdoor running as well as swimming. I also did some circuit training and watched what I ate from the 10th to now. I mostly did my outdoor runs at the Mall of Asia San Miguel by the Bay area at least 3 times in a week (except for the 2nd week when I had flu) after work (6am onwards). All my indoor workout were in Fitness First MOA or RCBC (including swimming). As I trained alone, I had free rein when to stop and when to just quit running and head to the shower and go home and sleep. No one was there to push me. No one was there to encourage me to go on. I joined a running community on my third week and believe it or not, it felt like I heard voices while training (crazy eh?). Even if they were not physically there to cheer me on or to push me to try harder, it felt like they were doing it. Their stories are inspiring, the PR talks challenged me, their goals made me realize everything is all in the head and if you work hard for it, you could attain it. Yes, I have never joined any of their activity much less join any scheduled group runs but I will for sure...soon. I just don't think I could keep up with them just yet.

I am supposed to attend the event together with Marko and Brian (officemates) but they were not able to register ahead of time. They were not willing to run without the singlet. :-) I was already psyched that I will be running alone. Until, we had schedule changes at work and so Uncle Don promised to tag along with me. I was relieved.

The Race Day

I woke up still feeling a little sleepy because I stayed up longer yesterday after work because of the event I had to attend (Nestle Fitnesse Public Launch) I slept around 5PM after almost 24hours of being awake on Saturday afternoon and woke up around midnight because I felt a sudden pang of hunger. I chose not to eat though. I just hydrated with water and went back to sleep again. Uncle Don woke me up around 330AM. I jumped out of bed and prepared my prerace meal. I had about 1/4 cup of Nestle Fitness Low Fat Whole Grain Cereal, about 1/4 cup of soy milk, a hard-boiled egg (not included in the pic=was still being boiled at the time pic was taken), a granny smith apple and a cup of coffee. I thought it was too much but hey I was still hungry from last night's unintentional fasting. I liked how the cereal tasted, it has just the right amount of sweetness and you get the full grain goodness in every bite.

I munched on some Jelly Belly Sports Beans (Fruit Punch Flavor) on the way to the race venue as well as a serving of energy gel. We did a few stretching but I was not able to do a warm-up run because I was all too excited while I people-watch and looked for familiar faces. Alas, I didn't see anyone I know or recognize except some celebrities (how sad and happy at the same time). Oh aside from people-watching, I was also excited to take some pictures (how pathetic). I just want my race documented (that's it).

I joined the 5K run and I was all determined to just finish it. I really didn't take my goal of 40 minutes seriously. I was just there to have fun, to enjoy it, to see what it's like to join such event. Before the gun started, I was all too hyped up. When I heard it, I suddenly felt a little nervous (what if I could not finish it?) It's gonna be a shame for such a short distance. I talked to myself and decided to push through.

I started out good until the first kilometer. I felt like I tied my shoelaces way too tight. I felt a little pain crept up to my leg. I don't want to stop though (big mistake). The pull of the runners kept me from stopping. I continued to run and jog until I decided to just walk (walk fast it is - my friends know this, I am a fast walker). The hilly part of the route made it more difficult for my leg to move. If only I didn't see Uncle Don, I could have probably sat by the curb and just kiss the race goodbye. I tried catching up to him (only to know that he was trying to inch a few feet apart so he can take a picture LOL). I regained speed during the downward slope. I sprinted the last kilometer because I don't want to be last in my category.

I could have done better I guess. What's good about this is that I am not giving up just yet. I am more than excited now to join future races now that I know how it feels. I have recognized the things I need to improve on and things to avoid next time.

I finished the race in 00:40:00 (chip time). That's after I chased a water bottle I dropped (I looked funny I suppose), posed for some photo op (LOL vanity), struggled with an unprepared iPod playlist (of all the times I should come unprepared grrrr, I was actually running to some slow jams midway so I struggled to find the right tune) and some other little incidents that mattered. This time will be the baseline of all my future 5K races. Maybe if I didn't walk, I could have finished it faster. It's over now though, it's time to move on and take on some new challenges and apply every lesson learned.

Note that I joined the event not because of Piolo but well he was definitely the icing on my cupcake today. The prayer he led was also very inspiring. Here's a low-quality vid of it:

Next Race: Del Monte Fit n Right and it will be next Sunday. I am running with Uncle Don, Marko and China and hopefully I'd get to meet some runners of


Anonymous said...

Congrats on your first run, KT! It's a good start and in time, you'll be improving a lot. See you at the Del Monte Fit & Right run!

Kessa Thea said...

Thank you so much. :-) Reading your blogs inspire me to keep on. I really do hope I time.

Thank you as well for reading my blog.