Sunday, November 15, 2009

Pacquiao vs Cotto Boxing Bout

I am watching today's boxing bouts for free online. If you wanna watch as well without spending a penny make sure to download SOPCAST and then use this live feed link sop:// Make sure to log in as anonymous as well (the password should already be prepopulated.

I am now watching the undercard fight for the Pacquio-Cotto welterweight championship fight while resting my legs (just got home after the Timex Run - was my first). The fight is between Daniel Santos and Yuri Foreman.

I sure do hope Pacquiao wins again and bring pride to the Filipino people once again and send Cotto home to Puerto Rico not knowing what just landed on his face. Afterall this isn't Miss Universe so I guess we Filipinos are in for the win.

PHOTO CREDIT: Showbiz Chikka

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