Sunday, November 1, 2009

Swim and Run

Yesterday, I trooped to Fitness First Platinum RCBC so I could squeeze in a little swim to my routine. I have to warn everyone though that I am not really a swimmer so excuse my squeals of delight if I reach a distance and I get happy with it. So much so that when I relax underwater and stop being so conscious of what I am doing, I swim farther. Heck,I don't even know what stroke I am using but I think it is leaning towards freestyle. LOL! Anyway, I stayed for about 30 minutes inside the pool wearing the Speedo swim cap so I don't get chlorine all over my hair and the Speedo Merit goggles I bought to motivate me to learn how to swim.

It was eventful...I was able to swim the entire length of the pool without stopping and I literally gave myself a pat on the back. I made exactly 16 rounds and my legs were killing me after so I had to relax in the hot tub after. A bottle of Gatorade and one of the granola bars I brought fueled me up.

I then changed to my running outfit and clocked in a good 20 minute interval training on the treadmill. I was both happy and disappointed that I am still stuck at the 10.30km/hr doing the intervals. I wish I could improve this pace. I know I'm getting there, I just put too much pressure on myself especially that November 15 is just around the corner. I then did some ab crunches using the ab machine so I could rest my legs while I tone the midsection. I felt my core fully engaged and I was happy about the 100s I did. I then headed to the stepper and climbed 30 floors total. I was huffing and puffing after. All these I did before heading to work.

While at work, I felt so sleepy but managed to get it through the day and then after shift, I run at the Mall of Asia esplanade stretch again. I did a run/sprint/brisk walk routine from Tram 1 to Tram 5 stations five times. I brought with me the Hammer energy gel (chocolate and it's just 90 calories) and a bottle of Gatorade. I am beginning to like how the gel taste and I think it's starting to become a favorite.

I love it when my energy is just surging. I am ready to roll again tomorrow...

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Gingerbreadman said...

Good luck on your maiden 5k Kate. :) And welcome to as well. Oh btw, easy on mixing gels and Gatorade - when mixed with the anxiety of an actual race, some people have an adverse reaction to it. Take it easy and keep us posted!