Friday, November 20, 2009

Days 4-6 of the 14-Day Challenge

This journal is the collective update for Days 4-6 of the challenge and a second installment to my promised update.

I am liking the changes, the routine, the food and the feeling of losing it to win it. I love how light my body feels and how energetic I am despite the cut in calorie-intake. My only worry right now is my skewed sleeping pattern (I work graveyard that is, I am a call center baby). Even then, I always see to it that I always get the most number of sleep hours I could ever get, if not then I compensate with work-out hours.

Day 4 saw me smiling from ear to ear. Imagine my happiness when I got digitally weighed in at Fitness First RCBC. I told the physical trainer about what I am aiming at and why I am so hell-bent at knowing how much I weigh, my current BMI and all other items the machine could possibly measure. I liked what the digital weighing scale has told me. My efforts are paying off: Nestle Fitnesse and regular cardio exercises are working! The combination works for me bigtime. I know if I stick to it I am on my way of not just losing 2 pounds. Did I give you too much hint already? Okay, so after weighing my self, I went to the pool, did a few laps for an hour. I then eased my leg muscles by staying in the jacuzzi, sweat some more at the sauna and steam room, showered and then headed home. When I got home, I found out that my grandmother who is already 94 years old died. I was grief-stricken but I know she's in a happier place now. I was not able to go to work, I was sad beyond compare, I cried like a baby. (Lola, you are one of my inspirations and my motivations, for you I will not give up in this challenge, I will summon all the hurdles and come out a loser (of pounds) and yes of course a winner (of self-confidence and fashionable wardrobe. Be my angel!)

Despite the bitter pill that I had to swallow, life goes on and has to surely move on. I woke up quite positive and Lola's passing away has already sank in to my system. I am now ready for the next of the days to come. I sticked to my diet except that I didn't have vegetables during lunch because I had chicken. I had to eat it slowly but surely so I get the fulling of fullness with just little amount of indulgence as possible. The mushroom soup I had was heaven, it was ohhhh soooo yummy! I had an energy bar, electrolyte-loaded drink and lots of H2O after the early evening run I did with some members. I had fun trying to keep up with them. I ran a total of six (6) kilometers at least (with several walks). It was fun. Can you tell I am now starting to get addicted to running? I went to work energized and ready to take on any challenge. A pear and a little bowl of Chinese noodles kept me up through the night.

Yes, today is officially Day 6 of the challenge. I had my usual Nestle Fitnesse breakfast which is essentially my dinner if you think about it and after almost an hour I headed to bed. I don't know if it was enough time to digest the food but I was already feeling extremely sleepy. I just had to close my eyes. No hunger pang has kicked in yet but I am going to raid the kitchen and check if I still have a granny smith apple to snack on while I blog hop.

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