Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Tale of The Wisdom Tooth

This blog entry is totally unrelated to running or anything physical other than teeth grinding and gum bashing. Oh oh it's not as gruesome as I described it. I just like playing with words on a lax sleepy Thursday morning. I just got home from work and I'm just sitting around doing nothing but blogwalk. I'm feeling a little restless because of the pain I am enduring caused by this pesky tooth that's trying to come out from the pits of my gum (left jaw). I've written about this wisdom tooth situation in my other blog by the way. I'm in pain for four (4) arduous days already. I could not accurately describe the pain but for sure everyone of you who reads this that has undergone this torture would understand and know where I am coming from right at this very minute. The pain is no joke. Why do I have to experience this when I am supposed to be focusing on some other stuff? One thing that irks me more is that the pain wakes me up in the middle of my sleep. How selfish could it get huh? I want this to be over and done with and if this pain persists, I'd be more than happy to get myself injected with anesthesia and have it removed for good. I think it will be good riddance.

I went to work last night despite this "teeth situation". It was crazy, it was hard to talk, I was cranky. My left cheek is a little swollen too to say the least. I did not eat anything on my break or lunch but instead gulped down water. I just didn't have the appetite. When I got home, I made something and forced myself to eat.

I had Cream of Asparagus Soup which Joyce and I shared...

I also had Creamy Corn with Tuna and Sun-dried Tomato Pesto sprinkled with Marjoram and topped with Quail Egg. It was a welcome treat for the left side of the mouth.

Have you ever run with a toothache? You may share your story...

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