Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Takbo.ph Newbie

I registered in Takbo.ph today.

I think this is another milestone in this new love of mine...running! I think the other members of the running community will be a very good support group for me as I reach the goals that I have set for myself and those goals that are yet to be claimed and worked hard for.

The site is newbie-friendly I should say. I got a very warm welcome from the other runners who were online at the time I signed up. The well-wishes meant a lot and I could only wish I had joined before I started the training. Anyway, as what almost everybody said I will enjoy my first race and I will run to the finish line with much gusto. I would be running alone though as Marko and Brian were not able to register because Timex ran out of singlets. Oh well, I guess I'll just run with them on the next race.

So what's for lunch today?

I had cucumbers shaped like tulips as appetizer...

I also had chicken with pineapple and coconut milk... (yes, no rice)

The food was yummy and since I am not working tonight (I am on compensatory time off for coming to work on my supposed to be RD last Sunday), I will be heading to the gym in about an hour and work my lazy ass out. Gotta burn!

P.S. I am still using my week 2 playlist for this week. I will post the Week 4 playlist in the next few days. And yes, I am really contemplating on joining a spinning class. If I could squeeze in some time, I will for sure....


Anonymous said...

hey kate (saw you at the SB)..nice blog you've got here, i love cooking as well :)
welcome to takbo.ph,hope to see you in one of the runs!

-cindy aka drunkenlily

Marvin Rae said...

glad you're having a good time at Takbo.ph. see you on future races! :)

-Marvin Rae aka...Marvin Rae :p

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate! Welcome to takbo.ph! I so love the pictures you have here! (Is this a culinary site coz I get hungry when I visit here? :D ) Hope to meet you soon in races one of these days! Kudos!

- dhenztm aka runningpinoy