Saturday, November 28, 2009

Happiness Is...Achieving Your Goal!

Before I joined this contest, one of my motivations is to fit into this little red dress I bought and has been hanging in my closet for the longest time. Now, it is more than that, not even the slightest bit of any superficial reason. Now, I realized the value of taking care of my health to be able to enjoy life more, to be able to have the energy to get me through the day, to be able to bring back that self-confidence that has weighed me down.

I know the price of success: dedication, hard work, and an unremitting devotion to the things I want to see happen. Imagine the smile on my face as well as my teammate's at the weigh-off when we all reached the minimum required weight loss for the 14-day challenge. I could have jumped up and down, did somersaults if only I was not too shy enough.We were happy beyond words, unbelievably thankful that our dedication and hard work to attain our goals has paid off.

Now, the question is not who is going to let us; it is who is going to stop us continue setting goals for ourselves and achieving those goals one step at a time. Now that we all realized that we can commit to a goal, I know it would not be rocket science to continue the weight loss coupled with a responsible diet with the help of Nestle Fitnesse (you can't go wrong with any variant).

I am proud to belong to Team Earthlingorgeousness!!! Your VOTES will be our motivation to push through...

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Days 7-9 of the 14-Day Challenge

Time ticks so fast. Nine days is over and today is the 10th day of the diet. Can you feel how nervous I am? Can you feel how tensed I am? Can you feel how lighter I've become? I bet no...but people at work have been noticing wee bit of changes everyday and I could not complain. Keep 'em compliments coming.

I have a confession to make: I ate a slice of cake. Sue me for all it's worth... It was Y-U-M-M-Y! while I was eating it but hell I could not seem to get over the guilt I felt after. When I woke up around lunch, I didn't have any appetite for food but I felt like I need to eat else I'll unintentionally starve myself. I snacked on about half a cup of Nestle Fitnesse while watching Stylista on television. Yes, no milk. Just the cereal au naturel and it tasted unbelievably delicious. That happened on Day 7 and good thing I was able to compensate for it by running my second 5K race. That was an awesome calorie-burning run I did again. I can tell I did burn a lot. Despite the setbacks that happened during the race, I was able to zone in and enjoy every minute of it, every sweat-bud that fell felt amazing. I can't wait for my next race. I didn't meet my goal this time (time to finish) but I read from somewhere that the route was more than 5K (it was .104 more than 5K) so I guess I met my target after all. Count to that the time I had to weave through walkathoners. Whew!

I only had a granny smith apple and a bottle of electrolyte drink before the race plus a pack of sports beans to get me through. After the race, I had quite a big breakfast. I met Olive for lunch at Conti's Greenbelt and I had Baked Salmon and we shared a plate of Mango Royale (salad greens, mango slices and carrot strips). I enjoyed the food I ordered (I can still feel my mouth water every time I think of them) and then we headed to the movies. Because I was too tired, I feel asleep reading the book I just bought which made me cry while reading just the first line. Such a crybaby! Does crying and squeezing one's lachrymal glands with tears make you burn calories too? If it does, then I could tell I burned a lot. Then again I went to bed without eating anything. I felt like if I eat anything more, it was already gluttony.

I woke up to a wonderful Day 9 and I had breakfast buns, Nestle Fitnesse and Fruit and lots and lots of water. I also downed a bottle of DM Fit and Right Four Seasons. I then had fish and chips for lunch (I was not able to take a picture though). I needed all the calories from the food I ate to sustain me while I do my laundry. LOL!

EVALUATION: I feel healthier. I feel lighter. I feel stronger. I've met my goal.

Here are some tips I wanna share to you:

1. Portion control. You can't go wrong with this.
2. Chew your food well. You usually get the feeling of fullness at the 20th minute. So don't rush it. Enjoy your mealtime. Savor every morsel.
3. Do not starve yourself. Enjoy your food.
4. If you don't want any sagging skin after you lose weight, exercise. Tone 'em muscles. Resistance training will be your best friend.
5. You are your bodies ally. Love the way you look. It'll motivate yourself to do better.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Days 4-6 of the 14-Day Challenge

This journal is the collective update for Days 4-6 of the challenge and a second installment to my promised update.

I am liking the changes, the routine, the food and the feeling of losing it to win it. I love how light my body feels and how energetic I am despite the cut in calorie-intake. My only worry right now is my skewed sleeping pattern (I work graveyard that is, I am a call center baby). Even then, I always see to it that I always get the most number of sleep hours I could ever get, if not then I compensate with work-out hours.

Day 4 saw me smiling from ear to ear. Imagine my happiness when I got digitally weighed in at Fitness First RCBC. I told the physical trainer about what I am aiming at and why I am so hell-bent at knowing how much I weigh, my current BMI and all other items the machine could possibly measure. I liked what the digital weighing scale has told me. My efforts are paying off: Nestle Fitnesse and regular cardio exercises are working! The combination works for me bigtime. I know if I stick to it I am on my way of not just losing 2 pounds. Did I give you too much hint already? Okay, so after weighing my self, I went to the pool, did a few laps for an hour. I then eased my leg muscles by staying in the jacuzzi, sweat some more at the sauna and steam room, showered and then headed home. When I got home, I found out that my grandmother who is already 94 years old died. I was grief-stricken but I know she's in a happier place now. I was not able to go to work, I was sad beyond compare, I cried like a baby. (Lola, you are one of my inspirations and my motivations, for you I will not give up in this challenge, I will summon all the hurdles and come out a loser (of pounds) and yes of course a winner (of self-confidence and fashionable wardrobe. Be my angel!)

Despite the bitter pill that I had to swallow, life goes on and has to surely move on. I woke up quite positive and Lola's passing away has already sank in to my system. I am now ready for the next of the days to come. I sticked to my diet except that I didn't have vegetables during lunch because I had chicken. I had to eat it slowly but surely so I get the fulling of fullness with just little amount of indulgence as possible. The mushroom soup I had was heaven, it was ohhhh soooo yummy! I had an energy bar, electrolyte-loaded drink and lots of H2O after the early evening run I did with some members. I had fun trying to keep up with them. I ran a total of six (6) kilometers at least (with several walks). It was fun. Can you tell I am now starting to get addicted to running? I went to work energized and ready to take on any challenge. A pear and a little bowl of Chinese noodles kept me up through the night.

Yes, today is officially Day 6 of the challenge. I had my usual Nestle Fitnesse breakfast which is essentially my dinner if you think about it and after almost an hour I headed to bed. I don't know if it was enough time to digest the food but I was already feeling extremely sleepy. I just had to close my eyes. No hunger pang has kicked in yet but I am going to raid the kitchen and check if I still have a granny smith apple to snack on while I blog hop.

You like what am I doing? Do I get your vote? Please head on over to to show your support. :-)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Nestle Fitnesse 14-Day Challenge Day 3 Update

Today is essentially the fourth day of the challenge but I will only be giving you an update of what has happened for the first three days. I have so far been able to stick to the diet plan except for one dinner where I indulged in the tuna pasta I made when a friend came over. I didn't overeat though. I just had a few spoonfuls. So I guess I am on the safe zone still. Good thing is that I was able to burn off the calories the next morning because I squeezed in a brisk walk routine for about an hour (my legs still felt a little sore and I didn't want to push it to run) yesterday. I am not going to make this a habit though, eating much and compensating on exercise. I should be sticking to my diet and it's not negotiable.

Here's what I normally have for breakfast and dinner. I just change the fruit (sometimes I have an apple, sometimes a pear, other days either kiwi or banana):

If you want to know how much cereal I have, here's how it looks like on a flat platter:

Lunch normally revolves around vegetables or some lean chicken with vegetables. I'm being a good girl. I'm stuffing myself with vegetables. I bet my mom will be all happy to know this. LOL!
Bamboo Shoots with Granny Smith Apple Slices and Red and Yellow Bell Pepper with Oyster Sauce
Chicken and Tofu Slices with Bell Pepper and Sundried Tomato Slices and Sauce
Broccoli Stir Fry with Tuna Chunks

I tried just bringing a bar of Nature's Valley Honey and Oats bar to work last night so I can snack on it but I never felt energized. I was sleepy the entire shift. I impatiently waited for 6AM. And this morning, I slept around 7AM and then woke up at 1PM. My sleeping time is pretty screwed and I need to fix this or else I am putting myself in jeopardy. I know I need ample rest. But since I am not feeling a tad bit sleepy, I am off to the pool and then come back maybe after an hour and sleep until it's about time to go to work again. I will keep y'all posted.

And for some self-worship, here's a little picture of me before I went to work last night. Sorry for the undried the picture to VOTE FOR MY TEAM in the Nestle Fitnesse Challenge. :-)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Timex Run

Timex Run (November 15, 2009) will forever be etched in my memory as the first ever race I have joined.

Just A Little Introduction

I started this blog on the 10th of October finally resolved that I will work my hardest to be fit again, not back to my ballet and gymnastics years, but just be fit like a normal 27-year old is expected to be. Once I got clearance from the doctor that I am fit to do any exercise I ought to do (just don't abuse the body), I packed my gym bag and said to myself there's no turning back. I am in this for the long haul.

The Training

I did not have any formal training at all. I just relied on online materials I have acquired. I read all I could squeeze in the limited time I have. I did a mix of indoor and outdoor running as well as swimming. I also did some circuit training and watched what I ate from the 10th to now. I mostly did my outdoor runs at the Mall of Asia San Miguel by the Bay area at least 3 times in a week (except for the 2nd week when I had flu) after work (6am onwards). All my indoor workout were in Fitness First MOA or RCBC (including swimming). As I trained alone, I had free rein when to stop and when to just quit running and head to the shower and go home and sleep. No one was there to push me. No one was there to encourage me to go on. I joined a running community on my third week and believe it or not, it felt like I heard voices while training (crazy eh?). Even if they were not physically there to cheer me on or to push me to try harder, it felt like they were doing it. Their stories are inspiring, the PR talks challenged me, their goals made me realize everything is all in the head and if you work hard for it, you could attain it. Yes, I have never joined any of their activity much less join any scheduled group runs but I will for sure...soon. I just don't think I could keep up with them just yet.

I am supposed to attend the event together with Marko and Brian (officemates) but they were not able to register ahead of time. They were not willing to run without the singlet. :-) I was already psyched that I will be running alone. Until, we had schedule changes at work and so Uncle Don promised to tag along with me. I was relieved.

The Race Day

I woke up still feeling a little sleepy because I stayed up longer yesterday after work because of the event I had to attend (Nestle Fitnesse Public Launch) I slept around 5PM after almost 24hours of being awake on Saturday afternoon and woke up around midnight because I felt a sudden pang of hunger. I chose not to eat though. I just hydrated with water and went back to sleep again. Uncle Don woke me up around 330AM. I jumped out of bed and prepared my prerace meal. I had about 1/4 cup of Nestle Fitness Low Fat Whole Grain Cereal, about 1/4 cup of soy milk, a hard-boiled egg (not included in the pic=was still being boiled at the time pic was taken), a granny smith apple and a cup of coffee. I thought it was too much but hey I was still hungry from last night's unintentional fasting. I liked how the cereal tasted, it has just the right amount of sweetness and you get the full grain goodness in every bite.

I munched on some Jelly Belly Sports Beans (Fruit Punch Flavor) on the way to the race venue as well as a serving of energy gel. We did a few stretching but I was not able to do a warm-up run because I was all too excited while I people-watch and looked for familiar faces. Alas, I didn't see anyone I know or recognize except some celebrities (how sad and happy at the same time). Oh aside from people-watching, I was also excited to take some pictures (how pathetic). I just want my race documented (that's it).

I joined the 5K run and I was all determined to just finish it. I really didn't take my goal of 40 minutes seriously. I was just there to have fun, to enjoy it, to see what it's like to join such event. Before the gun started, I was all too hyped up. When I heard it, I suddenly felt a little nervous (what if I could not finish it?) It's gonna be a shame for such a short distance. I talked to myself and decided to push through.

I started out good until the first kilometer. I felt like I tied my shoelaces way too tight. I felt a little pain crept up to my leg. I don't want to stop though (big mistake). The pull of the runners kept me from stopping. I continued to run and jog until I decided to just walk (walk fast it is - my friends know this, I am a fast walker). The hilly part of the route made it more difficult for my leg to move. If only I didn't see Uncle Don, I could have probably sat by the curb and just kiss the race goodbye. I tried catching up to him (only to know that he was trying to inch a few feet apart so he can take a picture LOL). I regained speed during the downward slope. I sprinted the last kilometer because I don't want to be last in my category.

I could have done better I guess. What's good about this is that I am not giving up just yet. I am more than excited now to join future races now that I know how it feels. I have recognized the things I need to improve on and things to avoid next time.

I finished the race in 00:40:00 (chip time). That's after I chased a water bottle I dropped (I looked funny I suppose), posed for some photo op (LOL vanity), struggled with an unprepared iPod playlist (of all the times I should come unprepared grrrr, I was actually running to some slow jams midway so I struggled to find the right tune) and some other little incidents that mattered. This time will be the baseline of all my future 5K races. Maybe if I didn't walk, I could have finished it faster. It's over now though, it's time to move on and take on some new challenges and apply every lesson learned.

Note that I joined the event not because of Piolo but well he was definitely the icing on my cupcake today. The prayer he led was also very inspiring. Here's a low-quality vid of it:

Next Race: Del Monte Fit n Right and it will be next Sunday. I am running with Uncle Don, Marko and China and hopefully I'd get to meet some runners of

Nestle Fitnesse 14-Day Challenge

I attended the Nestle Fitnesse 14 Days to Show Off Your Shape public launch at Greenbelt 3 Activity Area after my shift yesterday both as a participant and a member of the media (blogging anyone?). I met Earth, Wena and Belle at the venue and successfully passed the medical check (weigh-ins and all). We all form the team that has been named Earthlingorgeousness (nice play with words yeah?) If we have your support, please cast your vote by clicking this LINK.

The 14-DAY program is designed to help people achieve healthy body weight. The 14-DAY program is designed as a kick-start to your weight loss only. Those wishing to continue on a weight management program should consult their doctor or dietitian for support and regular monitoring and advice. After the program, make sure that you stick to a healthy balanced diet, which can include a bowl of NESTLE FITNESSE for breakfast, and aim for at least half an hour of exercise a day--brisk walking, cycling, and swimming are great.

I decided to join because I know this program will reinforce my quest to attain the healthiest and fittest me ever. I have long been wanting to be in shape. And now I am not making any excuses anymore. I am tired sulking over why a size 6 won't fit me. I am positive that our team will be able to achieve the minimum goal set and you know why? We are sure gotta work our asses off with these prizes up for grabs...
With her playful designs that remind everyone to have fun with fashion, Kate Torralba is a shoo-in for the metro’s Ultimate Wardrobe. ----I like this dress. This would surely look ubernice paired with leather boots while walking the streets of Paris next year. (Yes, I am trying to lose weight partly because of my scheduled trip. Other than that, I just wanna be healthy.)
With creations that are a marriage of sexy and elegant and pieces that are head-turning yet classy; every Manila style maven deserves to have a Jun Escario in her own closet.
With its flagship Philippine store opening soon, Hermès is making a lot of buzz; given this, it’s no surprise that an Hermès belt made the cut to the Ultimate Wardrobe shortlist.
Owning a Chanel is considered to be a right of passage for every fashionista: a Chanel dress is not just a dress; it’s a statement that says you’re serious about fashion.
With Paris Hilton, Eva Longoria, Sienna Miller being some of the A-list celebrities sporting this sexy yet comfy brand of jeans, 7 For All Mankind is really the denim made for Manila’s most coveted wardrobe.
Would you have thought of the Philippine map as fashionable? If you did, you would have been the one elevated into the Ultimate wardrobe. From ponchos to Fashionalista t-shirts, Rhett Eala’s unique ingenuity makes him a standout in the Ultimate Wardrobe.
Bringing a sense of modern elegance and clean chic to Manila 's fashion scene, Religioso is breath of fresh RTW-wind to the Ultimate Wardrobe.
Michi Calica guarantees the best fitted wedding dresses in the country, but with creations splashed with vibrant prints and bold colors, top editors affirm that she can definitely go beyond wedding to design anything else she'd like.

PHOTO CREDITS: Nestle Fitnesse Press Kit

Pacquiao vs Cotto Boxing Bout

I am watching today's boxing bouts for free online. If you wanna watch as well without spending a penny make sure to download SOPCAST and then use this live feed link sop:// Make sure to log in as anonymous as well (the password should already be prepopulated.

I am now watching the undercard fight for the Pacquio-Cotto welterweight championship fight while resting my legs (just got home after the Timex Run - was my first). The fight is between Daniel Santos and Yuri Foreman.

I sure do hope Pacquiao wins again and bring pride to the Filipino people once again and send Cotto home to Puerto Rico not knowing what just landed on his face. Afterall this isn't Miss Universe so I guess we Filipinos are in for the win.

PHOTO CREDIT: Showbiz Chikka

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Better Late Than Never

Arrrggh, I couldn't sleep...

I couldn't even think of a decent title to this post...

Oh well, okay let me blab. Read on if you want if not then please feel free to close the browser and read some other posts that interest you. Remember: You have been warned.

Where do I start? November 8 - no workout, no nothing. I just stayed at home the whole day sleeping my ass off. I woke up in the afternoon and felt like playing little chef yet again. Oh yes, I have that episodes, I like treating myself, I like indulging it, just because I can... Feast your eyes on my hearty salad...Lollo Rosa, Cherry Tomatoes, Grapes, Mango, Tuna, and Roasted Pine Nuts. It was yummy! I'm still salivating over it.

November 9 - went to Fitness First MOA and did the following:
  • squats using the exercise ball
  • lunges (30 secs hold)
  • squats with front kicks
  • lateral raise
  • biceps curl
  • jumping jacks
  • superman
  • standing oblique crunch
I completed three (3) circuits and I felt good. I feel stronger now.

I still had energy to spare so I decided to run in the treadmill (the sun was high up so I ditched the plan of running outdoors). I managed to run and walk 5K for 40 minutes. After the cardio, I rested for a bit, stayed in the sauna for about 20 minutes and then showered. I then decided to fill my pantry again so I went to the grocery. I think I did some impulsive shopping again (I forgot my grocery list). When I got home, I was soooooo hungry that I needed something to eat. I prepared Chicken and Tofu Slices with Bok Choi and Red Bell Pepper.

Quick Tip: If you plan to fry your tofu, even if you have the firm kind, make sure to blanch it for about 2 minutes so they don't fall apart in the frying pan.

November 10 - I woke up feeling a little sore from the workout yesterday so I decided to rest and stay home. I, however, managed to wake up early and squeeze in 30 minutes of run time before I met a friend for coffee. We had a little talk and then I had to go to work already. Ahhhh, reality bites! It's the start of my work week and yes I know I started it well...good even!

Until next update...

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Run KT Run

I run after work this morning with a friend and he taught me a few things and hopefully I'd remember all of them from form, to breathing to stride to dang it I forgot the rest. LOL! Anyway, we run the vicinity of Mall of Asia for maybe 30 minutes. I don't wear watch, he didn't either and nobody cared to check the time on our phones. It maybe was 2K at least, just enough to make me break out a sweat. I need to practice more and of course I need to run more. Hopefully, I will keep on and not give up too easily.

I didn't eat much at work last night except for a granola bar which I shared with 2 of my techs and then had zen tea with honey to sweeten it a bit for the rest of the shift.

The other granola bar I ate after the run and I gave my friend a Clif Bar (forgot what it was but I think it was the Oatmeal Raisin Walnut). We had breakfast at home. I made lemon spinach couscous and corned beef with sliced mushrooms.

Sure, it wasn't a blah day today. It was better than I expected it to be. Looking forward to LSD's soon.

For non-runners who follow my blog here's what Wiki has to say about LSD:

Long slow distance (often called LSD) is a phrase commonly used to describe both a training method for running or cycling, and a way of running for non-competitive runners, particularly those preparing to finish their first marathon. Long slow distance running was promoted as a training method by Joe Henderson in 1969.[1] Henderson saw his approach as providing an alternative to the dominant school of training for distance running which he called “PTA school of running-- the pain, torture, and agony” approach. He documented the success of six competitive runners who followed in one form or another an LSD training regime, sometimes combining a few more strenuous workouts with the regular long slow distance running with weekly mileages ranging from 50-60 to 120-150 miles per week, with marathon personal bests between 2:14 and 2:50 hours. In addition, there are ultra-marathoners who use a similar method for training.

Long Slow Distance is exactly what it sounds like. A typical 5k runner might consider 8 to 10 miles LSD, while a marathoner might run 20 or more miles. LSD runs are typically done at an easy pace, 1-3 minutes per mile slower than a runner's 10k pace. The objective of these runs is to build blood volume and to increase muscle strength, endurance, and aerobic fitness. One method is to run at your maximum aerobic heart rate which can be calculated by subtracting your age from 180 and making minor adjustments according to age and training.

However, Henderson’s book was not only directed at competitive runners, but also at runners who wanted to have fun running. He writes, “LSD isn't just a training method. It's a whole way of looking at the sport. Those who employ it are saying running is fun -- all running, not just the competitive part which yields rewards.”

SIX Reasons to Start Running

by Amy Van Deusen; edited by KTP...

Though running may not cure everything, it's been linked to all sorts of health benefits, emotional perks, and even disease prevention.

Here are six reasons to hop on the treadmill during your next lunch break or when you are tempted to give in to your couch potato calling or to explore the world outside and enjoy the fresh air and the view.

1. It's so easy
True, some high-tech gear will make your run more fun, but really, all you need is a good pair of shoes, and a supportive sports bra. It couldn't be simpler.

And everyone knows how to run (you bet). You may not have perfect form yet, but you already know how to place one foot in front of the other and settle into a comfortable pace (maybe not to the extent of huffing and puffing in the first few days especially when you aren't at all that active).

No new skills to master, no equipment to buy--just get out there and run. If you've never laced up before, be sure to check out the run/walk plan to injury-proof your transition into running.

2. Yet so hard
No other exercise matches running for its ability to soak that sports bra. The stair-stepper, bike, and other gym staples work you hard, but running blasts the most calories: In a study done by the Medical College of Wisconsin and the VA Medical Center, the treadmill (used at a "hard" exertion level) torched an average of 705-865 calories in an hour. The stair-stepper (637-746), rower (606-739), cross-country ski machine (595-678) and stationary bike (498-604) were all lower in overall caloric burn.

Running also gives your ticker (that's your heart) a world-class workout. When your legs hit their stride they squeeze blood toward your heart, which in turn forces it to pump the blood right back. The faster you run, the harder your heart works and the stronger it gets.

3. Your knees will thank you
Contrary to what your mom says, running doesn't wreck your joints. Osteoarthritis (the most common type of arthritis), occurs when joint-cushioning cartilage starts to break down. The biggest osteoarthritis risk factor besides age? Body weight. A National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey found that obese women had nearly four times the risk of knee osteoarthritis than non-obese women; for men, it was five times the risk. Runners are much more likely to be at a normal weight than members of the sedentary population, significantly decreasing their risk of osteoarthritis.

It goes further than just the benefits of weight loss, too. Running bolsters your cartilage by increasing oxygen flow and flushing out toxins, and by strengthening the ligaments around your joints. Hitting the trail also gives your bones a boost, helping to prevent osteoporosis.

Though it's important to treat all running injuries and to replace your shoes often, in the end, running will build your joints up, not tear them down.

4. You'll stress less
Runners can provide tons of anecdotes about the stress-busting powers of their regular jog. "Nothing beats that feeling when you settle into a strong stride with a powerful rhythm," says Brooke Stevens, a four-time NYC marathoner, "The tension in my neck, back, and shoulders starts to loosen up, and I can think more clearly too."

Many women swear they work out all of their problems on the road, and there's research on exercise to back them up. The University of Georgia Department of Exercise induced anxiety (no worries, it was with caffeine pills) on subjects and then tested their physiological and mood symptoms after either resting for an hour or exercising for that hour. The exercise (in this case, on a stationary bike), was three times more effective at reducing anxiety.

Running is even used by mental health experts to help treat clinical depression and other psychological disorders such as drug and alcohol addiction.

5. It can prevent disease
Most experts agree that regular exercise reduces the risk of many kinds of cancer, including some of the scariest: colon, breast, endometrial, and lung. One recent study in the British Journal of Cancer calculated that the "most active" (e.g. walked briskly 5-6 hours/week) people were 24 percent less likely to develop colon cancer than the "least active" people (e.g. 30 minutes of walking/week). In a study by the National Cancer Institute, women of a normal weight who reported the highest levels of "vigorous activity" (running, tennis, aerobics) had about a 30 percent lower risk of breast cancer when compared with women who did no vigorous activity. Becoming a regular runner may help you cancer-proof your life.

Joggers also have a leg up against heart disease, stroke, and diabetes, and running has been shown to lower blood pressure, raise good cholesterol, and boost immunity to colds and other viruses.

Your time on the treadmill can even prevent vision loss, it seems. Two studies from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory have found that running reduced the risk of age-related macular degeneration and cataracts.

6. You'll probably live longer
In perhaps the most surprising study done on the health benefits of running, a team at the Stanford University School of Medicine studied 538 runners and 423 healthy non-runners from 1984 until 2005. All of the subjects were over 50 and were asked to take a disability questionnaire each year measuring simple tasks like cutting meat, shampooing hair, and opening a milk carton.

Every year, the disability levels were significantly lower in the group of runners than in the non-runners, and they became more different as both groups aged.

Even more interesting (though admittedly morbid)? At the end of the study, 85% of the runners were still alive, while only 66% of the non-runners were.

Based on the info gathered during the 21 years, the researchers concluded that regular exercise could reduce both disability and risk of death by increasing cardio fitness and bone mass, lowering inflammation, improving response to vaccination, and improving thinking, learning, and memory functions.

Do you wanna start running now like I did?

Friday, November 6, 2009

Today Was Blah But Better Than Staying In Bed All Day

Today was blah. Yes, you read it right. Uneventful. Nothing much has been done. And now as I am writing this little blog post, the jackhammer is out in the street doing its thing so plain and simple, it's keeping me awake more than my toothache is. The painkiller worked wonders for me and now I am seriously wishing that an earplug will drop on my lap. Le sigh!

Well, I woke up around 330AM and got out of bed around 530AM. I didn't know I spent two long hours in bed blogwalking early. What do you know I am following tons of blogs. I wasn't feeling hungry so I just hydrated with about 500mL H20, and headed out (bad decision I think). I ran my friendly neighborhood street and did a few rounds around the Cash and Carry parking lot. I did pretty well considering that I am still enduring this dang toothache.

Anyway, I made me some breakfast after the cold morning run.
I mixed the following for a very filling cereal:
  • 1/2 cup Health Valley Organic Amaranth Flakes
  • 1/2 cup Health Valley Organic Golden Flax Cereal
  • 1/2 cup West Soy Organic Soy Milk
  • 1 banana, sliced
I am going to run again tomorrow outside my office and then squeeze in a few cross training or maybe an hour of spinning class before I go home. Let's see if tomorrow is another blah day.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Tale of The Wisdom Tooth

This blog entry is totally unrelated to running or anything physical other than teeth grinding and gum bashing. Oh oh it's not as gruesome as I described it. I just like playing with words on a lax sleepy Thursday morning. I just got home from work and I'm just sitting around doing nothing but blogwalk. I'm feeling a little restless because of the pain I am enduring caused by this pesky tooth that's trying to come out from the pits of my gum (left jaw). I've written about this wisdom tooth situation in my other blog by the way. I'm in pain for four (4) arduous days already. I could not accurately describe the pain but for sure everyone of you who reads this that has undergone this torture would understand and know where I am coming from right at this very minute. The pain is no joke. Why do I have to experience this when I am supposed to be focusing on some other stuff? One thing that irks me more is that the pain wakes me up in the middle of my sleep. How selfish could it get huh? I want this to be over and done with and if this pain persists, I'd be more than happy to get myself injected with anesthesia and have it removed for good. I think it will be good riddance.

I went to work last night despite this "teeth situation". It was crazy, it was hard to talk, I was cranky. My left cheek is a little swollen too to say the least. I did not eat anything on my break or lunch but instead gulped down water. I just didn't have the appetite. When I got home, I made something and forced myself to eat.

I had Cream of Asparagus Soup which Joyce and I shared...

I also had Creamy Corn with Tuna and Sun-dried Tomato Pesto sprinkled with Marjoram and topped with Quail Egg. It was a welcome treat for the left side of the mouth.

Have you ever run with a toothache? You may share your story...

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Rainy 4th of November Update

I initially planned to run early today but it was raining when I woke up so I stayed in bed and lingered with my pillows for a little more time. They were begging for attention I think and they gave me comfort as expected. I got up a little after 6AM and prepared something for breakfast. I had amaranth flakes with blueberry yogurt and milk and fruit. Amaranth is rich in lysine, one of the essential amino acids that is usually low in other grains. It contains three times as much fiber and five times as much iron as wheat, and has more than 12 different vitamins and minerals. From a nutritional standpoint, it is clear why the Aztecs referred to amaranth as a "wonder grain."

After breakfast, I went to Fitness First RCBC. I did a few laps at the pool (getting better yey) and then about 30 minutes on the treadmill (still the same time no improvement yet 1k=10min, I ran and walked so fair enough), 10 minutes on the stepper, 10 minutes rowing machine and a few arm exercises. I was happy with all the stuff I did today.

After working out, I felt the need to refuel so I went to 7-11 to buy a banana and then I had tacos at Mexicali. I wolfed down the banana while waiting for my order so I wasn't able to take a picture. Sue me! And oh, I also had coffee (iced latte). I'm hell-bent at getting myself a planner for next year. Click here for more details on how you could get one for you too.

I am now at home resting,safely cuddled by my pillows and yes it is still raining outside (drizzling to be exact). My arms are a little sore but I'll just sleep this off. Ta ta!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Week 4 Playlist

I meant to post this last Sunday but I forgot so here goes. This is my new playlist by the way. I've been using this since Sunday and so far the results are great. I have had fun runs and let's see where these songs take me.

Playlist Week 4

I especially love "I Wanna Go Crazy" by the way. It has never failed to crank me up.

***I don't know why some of the songs do not play here (maybe some copyright thingy). Anyway, if you wanna listen to the full songs, go ahead click this LINK. You will be routed to my Imeem Profile Page. Newbie

I registered in today.

I think this is another milestone in this new love of mine...running! I think the other members of the running community will be a very good support group for me as I reach the goals that I have set for myself and those goals that are yet to be claimed and worked hard for.

The site is newbie-friendly I should say. I got a very warm welcome from the other runners who were online at the time I signed up. The well-wishes meant a lot and I could only wish I had joined before I started the training. Anyway, as what almost everybody said I will enjoy my first race and I will run to the finish line with much gusto. I would be running alone though as Marko and Brian were not able to register because Timex ran out of singlets. Oh well, I guess I'll just run with them on the next race.

So what's for lunch today?

I had cucumbers shaped like tulips as appetizer...

I also had chicken with pineapple and coconut milk... (yes, no rice)

The food was yummy and since I am not working tonight (I am on compensatory time off for coming to work on my supposed to be RD last Sunday), I will be heading to the gym in about an hour and work my lazy ass out. Gotta burn!

P.S. I am still using my week 2 playlist for this week. I will post the Week 4 playlist in the next few days. And yes, I am really contemplating on joining a spinning class. If I could squeeze in some time, I will for sure....

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Swim and Run

Yesterday, I trooped to Fitness First Platinum RCBC so I could squeeze in a little swim to my routine. I have to warn everyone though that I am not really a swimmer so excuse my squeals of delight if I reach a distance and I get happy with it. So much so that when I relax underwater and stop being so conscious of what I am doing, I swim farther. Heck,I don't even know what stroke I am using but I think it is leaning towards freestyle. LOL! Anyway, I stayed for about 30 minutes inside the pool wearing the Speedo swim cap so I don't get chlorine all over my hair and the Speedo Merit goggles I bought to motivate me to learn how to swim.

It was eventful...I was able to swim the entire length of the pool without stopping and I literally gave myself a pat on the back. I made exactly 16 rounds and my legs were killing me after so I had to relax in the hot tub after. A bottle of Gatorade and one of the granola bars I brought fueled me up.

I then changed to my running outfit and clocked in a good 20 minute interval training on the treadmill. I was both happy and disappointed that I am still stuck at the 10.30km/hr doing the intervals. I wish I could improve this pace. I know I'm getting there, I just put too much pressure on myself especially that November 15 is just around the corner. I then did some ab crunches using the ab machine so I could rest my legs while I tone the midsection. I felt my core fully engaged and I was happy about the 100s I did. I then headed to the stepper and climbed 30 floors total. I was huffing and puffing after. All these I did before heading to work.

While at work, I felt so sleepy but managed to get it through the day and then after shift, I run at the Mall of Asia esplanade stretch again. I did a run/sprint/brisk walk routine from Tram 1 to Tram 5 stations five times. I brought with me the Hammer energy gel (chocolate and it's just 90 calories) and a bottle of Gatorade. I am beginning to like how the gel taste and I think it's starting to become a favorite.

I love it when my energy is just surging. I am ready to roll again tomorrow...