Saturday, October 10, 2009

Get Set Go!

I have long been wanting to be in shape. And now I am not making any excuses anymore. I am tired sulking over why a size 6 won't fit me anymore. I do not have lofty dreams, I just want to be fit and well-proportioned. This might be ambitious considering how sedentary my job is but I am taking matters into my own hands and I am going to start today and not tomorrow. I am responsible to stay in shape and be healthy in every way possible. I decided to create this blog to motivate myself a little more.

This blog will chronicle my progress as often as possible or I'll incorporate some worthwhile read online and many other sources. I will post as many pictures as I can as well as running playlists, workout tips and the like. This blog will be an online repository of maybe even the bumps along the way (although I am not hoping for one).

I am tired making excuses of why I gained so much weight through these years and it is time to up the ante, I am making an ode to myself to get back to the body I once had. This is going to be a feat and I am more than motivated to get what I want.

I am ready.

Get set go!!!

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