Thursday, October 29, 2009


OMG! I gave in to...FASTFOOD!

I had been sick for three days with colds and I kept on running after my nose (if you know what I mean). Yesterday was the worst part because I felt dizzy and it felt like I have muscle pains all over. I have been without exercise for three days already (including today) and I miss seeing sweat buds run over my cheek, my shoulders, my arms, all over. I miss seeing my sweat-soaked gym garb.

I did not have any appetite for anything these past few days that all I could eat were banana, apple slices and some Gatorade and of course water. I did not even have a bite of the food they served when I attended a fashion collection launch. Poor little me! And I could not whip up a decent meal for my dear life. First, I am too lazy to get up, get washed up and go to the grocery to pick up some essentials. And so I grabbed my phone, dialed 87000 and asked that they deliver 2-pc burger steak, pineapple juice and palabok fiesta and oh some fries. Arrrrgh! I did not take pictures. I am too guilty to be doing it. It was yummy though...

Anyhow, yesterday was without exercise but with healthy food intake. I was in bed practically most of the time. I had to give in to my body's calling. I think I have been abusing it since I started the running regimen. And Monday saw the abuse too. I ran three miles on the treadmill and then rested for a bit and then headed to the swimming pool and completed a total of 350meters. For a non-swimmer, that was I think a feat armed with only a bottle of pink lemonade.

Later today, I will be turning in my registration form for the Timex Run. As soon as I hand over that letter, I think this is it. THIS.IS.IT! No turning back anymore...

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