Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Not Enough to Dampen My Spirits

Oh sorry for the lack of update lately. I had a little injury and so I had to rest for two days. I think I pushed myself too hard to reach the goal. Anyway, I'll be doing an easy run today outdoors, yes outdoors, and then attend a yoga session too. I will keep everyone posted of the progress when I get home later.

I have also been very good with the diet except for the indulgence I had yesterday. I ate a serving of pork barbecue and hotdog. I couldn't resist the inviting smell. Other than that though, I have been on the fish and vegetables zone, bringing my bento-box lunch at work. I have also been practicing really chewing my food well. The fruits (pears and pineapple slices) were excellent snack food. I especially loved how the pineapple cleared the palate after every bite of the herbed fish I cooked. I also made a second version of the fish...I gave them a tomato sauce bath. Uncle Don and Joyce helped me finish the rest of the second dish after I put on just a slice on the last compartment of my lunch box. It was yum yum!


Tom Bailey said...

Great blog.

I see that you are marathon training.

Marathon tip - look up Hal Higdon's marathon programs they are free and work very well in my opinion.

Kessa Thea said...

Thank you for the tip. I'll look it up when I have time.