Saturday, October 24, 2009

What Can I Say?

Sorry for the lack of posts these past few days. I have meant to blog about something and save this in my drafts but I accidentally deleted everything. Ahhh! Sometimes I need to be very careful with my hands (no pun intended). Anyway, main reason why I haven't updated for a good three days is that I have been catching up on sleep and workout and work stuff. I juggle them all considering that I work the graveyard shift and a gym session averages at least three hours everyday (inclusive of shower and sauna and all that) so I barely have time to squeeze in some quality sleep, although I am supposed to slumber like a baby. And now I am down with the flu so I have decided to be a lot kinder to my body among others and give it some well-deserved rest.

But I found love and solace in a pan with olive oil and a heart-shaped sunny-side up. Good morning sunshine!!!
NOTE: You might be wondering why the date doesn't match what I wrote. I saved the drafts on the 24th but published this post only today, October 27. I've been on blog hiatus but not totally ditching the gym sessions. I will post updates tonight if I still have energy to spare after the Freeway National Artist Collector's Series Collection Launch at Glorietta 5. I received an invite and who am I to decline such an invite.

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