Thursday, October 29, 2009

I Made A Quick and Easy Dinner

Making a decent meal when you just got out of bed feeling a little dizzy still is no easy feat. But I think I should. I have a very long night at work tonight and I needed some fuel to get me going. Else I will all be stressed out and relapse into the sick bed again. I checked out the pantry and all I saw were energy bars and pasta and granola bars, oatmeal and stuff. I looked at the back part of the pantry and there were few boxes of couscous standing proud as if begging for some attention. LOL! It got me all confused as to what I should choose so I enlisted the help of my dear little purple bear. And so I chose the Couscous Wild Forest Mushroom Flavor.

The couscous was cooked by boiling two cups of water with two tablespoons extra virgin olive oil. Once mixed, removed from heat and covered, allow the couscous to soak in all the flavors (about five minutes) and then fluff with a fork and serve. I did not fluff it anymore. Instead I filled in a small ceramic bowl and put it in a big plate.

I then opened a can of lite tuna and a can of pineapple and now it all looked so inviting and it seems all of a sudden I got my appetite back. I just drained the water from the tuna can and then pour all the contents around the couscous. I did the same with the pineapple slices. It was really quick and easy.

What do you whip up when you don't seem to like any food and you don't have any craving for anything?

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