Sunday, October 11, 2009

Marathon Training Day 1 (My First 5K)

I am starting my full-on documented training today. I'm going to kick-start it with a 3KM interval workout using the latest playlist I have created. I will post the list in another article when I get home. And yes by the way, I was able to convince two friends to run with me on November 15 and we are more than stoked to join the marathon. We will be registering tomorrow and will try to as much as possible train together as well. In the meantime though, I'm all set to do my training today and I am amazed at how pumped up I am. I have never been this motivated ever.

I told JSL about this and I think I got his support. :-) We just have to wait until the 13-marathon on air is done on that one fine day in March. While that is still high up in the air, lemme go pick my gym bag up and head to the gym and sweat this excitement away.

Here's my plan for the week though: Run For Distance = Test the Endurance and Stamina

Week 1

Saturday - Rest. Rest is an important part of any training program.
Sunday - Run 1 mile easy. Run at an easy "conversational" pace. If you cannot talk clearly, you are running too hard.
Monday - Run 2 miles easy. Run at an easy pace.
Tuesday - Rest or cross train. Rest or engage in a non-running activity.
Wednesday - Run 2 miles easy.
Thursday - Run 2 miles easy. All of these easy runs are performed at the "conversational" pace.
Friday - Run 2 miles easy.
This program will allow me to comfortably finish a 5K. It is not intended to run a fast 5K or to improve my speed. The next few weeks will be more rigorous but yeah I won't torture myself...

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